About Us

We are a team of engineers with an experience in providing quality services to global automotive giants. Our customer relationships have evolved into strong bonds whose foundations are cordial work environment and technical expertise. The various projects executed with automotive industry are the proof of our domain knowledge.

Market Analysis Summary
Global engineering companies are focusing on their expansion in India.
Pune city is a manufacturing hub of the country.
Automotive Giants like General Motors, Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler and Mahindra & Mahindra are flourishing in Pune.
These all are prospective and existing clients for systematic engineering and customized machinery.
We have targeted a 75% rise in turnover in this one year.
Strategy and Implementation Summary
Hitech will succeed by manufacturing high quality, durable wind machines with a significant number of product features and options which are extremely reliable in engineering. It will focus on a very narrow segment of the market and attempt to achieve the best reputation in that segment.
Competitive Edge
Hitech’s competitive edge is its level of quality, product features and options, and the company's relationships with some of the major customers in the market. Apart from this, with strong partnerships with local players in the field of manufacturing, the designs are proven beyond doubt. Focusing on a local sourcing strategy, it is possible to lower the cost of the product, without sacrificing the quality of the machines.

Product features:

1. Cost effective solution
2. Less maintenance required
3. High durability
4. Quick service